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From the husbands…

March 3, 2021

Join the sisters of Sister 2 Sister as we ask: "My wife says I need to be more emotionally involved in my kids life. I don’t even know what that means!?" "My wife says I’m too strict, I say she’s too soft. How do we learn to parent together?" And… "My husband would like me to take a leave from work to care for our kids with 2020 being such a crazy year. I understand and agree with the idea but deep down I resent the request and don’t know what to do about it."

The news, social media & apologies…

March 10, 2021

Join the sisters of Sister 2 Sister as we ask: How are we to IN the world but not of it and still have an impact on our culture, world etc? Are there times when Christians try too hard to be PART of the culture watering down the message of Christ? And… Is it possible to forgive when you don’t feel like their apology is authentic?